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DepositionConferencing.Com was established in 2003 and became a division of Wholesale Carrier Services (WCS) Inc. in 2010The parent company provides a wide range of telecommunication services including local, national and international voice, audio, web and video conferencing, data, internet applications and wireless network services. 

At our core, DepositionConferencing.Com delivers value-added services to the multi-billion dollar Legal-Court Reporting industry by providing them with tools that boost their service offerings, by improving productivity as well as positively impacting the bottom line.  With our participant-level billed conference calling service (which includes detailed case information), we provide Court Reporting clients with a valuable invoice they can use to verify their billed time.  In addition, our audio conferencing services can be recorded to create a legal record of the depositions. 

Audio deposition conference calling services are available for attorneys, law firms and court reporters involved with civil litigation, class action, personal injury, product liability, toxic torts, malpractice and bad faith litigation.  The conferencing services are very cost effective as travel time and related travel costs are eliminated. 

From the beginning, DepositionConferencing.Com has been among the pioneers in automating the billing of telecommunication services.  Our unique combination of extensive telecommunications-based knowledge and expertise coupled with our software development experience enables us to produce smart applications that deliver optimum solutions for our clients.









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